CAREG includes a common molecular biology laboratory that provides bench space for molecular biology projects as well as access to equipment such as real-time PCR instruments, thermocyclers, a gel doc apparatus, high speed and ultracentrifuges, and -20°C and -80°C freezers.  In addition, sequencing services are provided.  The molecular biology laboratory is staffed by a full-time research technician who not only maintains the equipment, but provides training in the use of the various pieces of equipment. 

Carson Microscopy Facility

The Carson Microscopy Facility is an integrated suite of sample preparation and imaging tools.  The centrepiece of the Facility is an Olympus confocal microscope, and it is complemented by two (Zeiss-Axiophot and Olympus) epifluorescence microscopes.  All microscopes are fitted with image capture and processing capacity, and are supported by sample processing facilities that include a cryostat and regular microtome.