February 2015
Vance Trudeau's work on endocrine disrupting chemicals is in the news!  See the article that appeared on the Radio Canada website and the recording is available here.



November 2014
Congratulations to Dr. Yusuke Kumai (alumnus of the Perry lab), who received the Governor General’s Gold Medal in Science and Engineering from the University of Ottawa for his PhD thesis "Mechanisms of Na+ homeostasis by zebrafish (Danio rerio) in acidic water".  Yusuke received his PhD in the fall of 2013 and currently is pursuing post-doctoral work at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.
Congratulations also to Jennifer Jeffrey (Gilmour lab), who was awarded her PhD thesis at the Fall 2014 Convocation ceremony.  Currently Dr. Jeffrey is pursuing post-doctoral work at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
The Gazette reported on the second China-Canada Fish Physiology and Developmental Biology Symposium!
October 2014 
The labs of Dr. Vance Trudeau and Dr. Jules Blais have positions available for MSs and PhD students as well as PDFs for projects focsed on oil sands - click here for the details.

Congratulations to Natasha Horsman, a new M.Sc.  student in Vance Trudeau's lab, who won third place in the poster competition at the recent Aquatic Toxicology Workshop held in Ottawa, Sept 28 - Oct 1, 2014.  The title of the psoter was "The role of chemokines in lateral line development of the frog Silurana tropicalis".  This was the subject of Natasha's B.Sc. honours thesis research. There were over 50 posters, so competition was tough - well done Natasha!

September 2014
The second China-Canada Fish Physiology and Developmental Biology Symposium will take place at uOttawa on October 14th, 2014.  The symposium will feature oral presentations by members of a delegation visiting from the Institute of Hydrobiology (IHB), Wuhan, China, as well as by members of the Department of Biology at uOttawa.  A poster session will follow the oral presentations and is a great opportunity to share your work with the delegation from IHB and investigate collaborative opportunities.  

August 2014
Dr. Emily Standen, who recently joined the comparative physiology group at uOttawa, has published a paper on her work on Polypterus in Nature!  Her work looked at Polypterus raised on land rather than in water, and reported anatomical changes that accompanied improved walking ability on land.  The CBC, among many other media outlets, picked up the story.     
June 2014
Congratulations to Paula Duarte Gutterman (former PhD student in the Trudeau lab) and Dimitri Skandalis (former MSc student in the Darveau lab) on the birth of their daughter!
A double for comparative physiology at uOttawa!!!  Congratulations to PhD student Jen Jeffrey (Gilmour lab), winner of the Canadian Society of Zoologists' Hoar Award for the best student talk at the recent CSZ annual meeting (Genomes to/aux Biomes 2014), and to Dr. Paul Craig (PDF - Moon lab), winner of the CSZ PDF Award for the best talk by a PDF at the meeting.

The comparative physiology group wishes Dr. Paul Craig (PDF - Moon lab) all the best in his new position as an Assistant Professor at the University of Waterloo.  Congratulations, Paul!!
May 2014
Congratulations to Dan Carrie (Gilmour lab) and Krystle Talbot (co-supervised by Katie Gilmour and Steve Perry) who successfully defended their MSc theses in early April.

Congratulations, also, to the many honours students in the comp phys group for the projects on display at the Bio Poster Day (on April 8th) and the BIM & BPS Poster Day (on April 25th).

February 2014
Rice Lake 2014 saw a good turnout from the uOttawa comp phys group!

October 2013
Drs. Steve Perry, Tom Moon and Vance Trudeau recently were involved in a mission to China to explore the possiblity of establishing research collaborations.

They visited the Institute of Hydrobiology in Wuhan, China and
took part in the Inaugural China-Canada Fish Physiology and Developmental Biology Symposium (the top photo at right shows the co-chairs of this symposium, Dr. Vance Trudeau  and Academician Zhu Zuoyan).  Currently Dr. Trudeau is collaborating with Professor Hu Wei on work funded by a uOttawa IRAP grant; the hope is to take advantage of the many areas of mutual interest to expand and formalize collaborative opportunities between the two institutions.

While at the Institute of Hydrobiology, they were able to visit the Chinese Zebrafish Resource Center (see picture at right, with Dr. Sun Yonghua, Director of CZRC).  They also visited the Ocean and Fisheries Bureau of Zhejiang Province in Hangzhou, where they were warmly welcomed (see bottom left picture).

Finally, they visited Shanghai Ocean University which previously was the Shanghai Fisheries College until it was renamed in 2008. It has a very nice campus at the outermost part of Shanghai and has both practical and research-based fisheries programs including excellent fish facilities both on and off campus (see bottom right picture).

The mission to China was sponsored by the Faculty of Science as well as the International Research Office of the University of Ottawa.

Congratulations to Sara Abdallah, winner of this year's MSc thesis prize for sciences at uOttawa, as well as the MSc thesis prize for Biology!  Sara's MSc work was co-supervised by Michael Jonz and Steve Perry, and focused on imaging of intracellular calcium levels and pH in neuroepithelial cells of the zebrafish gill (neuroepithelial cells are cells that sense water oxygen and/or carbon dioxide levels).
Congratulations to Dr. Pat Walsh, newly-minted Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada!!!  The official citation of P.J. Walsh, PhD, FRSC can be found here.

August 2013
The comparative physiology group wishes Dr. Carol Bucking (PDF - Walsh lab) all the best in her new position as an Assistant Professor at York University.  Congratulations, Carol!!
Maddie Waddell (a PhD student in the Trudeau lab) recently won the prize for Best Poster at the 9th AIEC Congress - Asociación Ibérica de Endocrinología Comparada, July 13th-14th, 2013, Barcelona, Spain.  This was a meeting associated with the 17th International Congress of Comparative Endocrinology, which was also held in Barcelona.  Congratulations, Maddie!
Following our job competition in the spring, the comparative physiology group is delighted to announce that Dr. Emily Standen will be joining the group as an Assistant Professor in July 2014.  Congratulations - we are looking forward to your arrival at uOttawa!



June and July 2013
Research from Vance Trudeau’s group on the interactive effects of two common pharmaceuticals in aquatic ecosystems has been published and is featured on the cover of the recent volume in Environmental Science and Technology.  The combination of estrogen from the pill and the antidepressant Prozac disrupts endocrine and metabolic systems in male fish.  This is an example of a successful collaboration between university and government researchers and their graduate students and PDFs.

Click here to listen to Dr. Trudeau discuss this work on CBC's Quirks & Quarks!
The Trudeau lab is looking for a (paid) intern for a 6-month position - see this announcement for more details.

Congratulations to Lei Xing, a PhD student in the Trudeau lab, who won the prize for best oral presentation by a student at the recent meeting of the North American Society for Comparative Endocrinology at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in Querétaro, Mexico!
Congratulations to Dr. Raymond Kwong, winner of the PDF award at the recent Canadian Society of Zoologists' Annual Meeting at the University of Guelph!  The PDF award is given for the best paper presented by a PDF at the annual meeting.  Raymond is a PDF in Steve Perry's lab.
Congratulations to Joshua D'Silva (Gilmour lab) on the successful defence of his MSc thesis.

The comparative physiology group welcomes Dr. Mukunda Goswami from the National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources, Lucknow, India.  He is on sabbatical leave in Vance Trudeau’s lab until February 2014
May 2013
The comparative physiology group is pleased to welcome the NSERC USRA and co-op students that will be working for the summer.  A warm welcome also is extended to Paul McNeil, a PhD student visiting from Dr. Kath Sloman's lab at the University of the West of Scotland.

Congratulations to Scott Miller (Perry lab) on the successful defence of his MSc thesis.

Dr. Andrew Esbaugh of the Marine Science Institute at the University of Texas at Austin (formerly a PDF in the comparative physiology group) is looking for a PDF for a 3-year position working on CO2 transport and acid-base balance.
March and April 2013
Dr. Vance Trudea was interviewed by Radio Canada about his research on hormones in amphibians and how this fundamental physiological research can be applied to ecological problems such as amphibian decline.  Click here to listen to the interview.

Congratulations to Dr. Chris Martyniuk (a Trudeau lab alumnus), this year's recipient of the CSZ Boutilier New Investigator award!  Dr. Martyniuk also recently was recognized by the NASCE with the Gorbman-Bern New Investigator Award - well done!
February 2013
Students of the comparative physiology group have been successfully defending their theses in great numbers over the last few weeks.  Congratulations to Sara Abdallah (MSc, Perry/Jonz labs), Wudu Lado (PhD, Trudeau/Lewis labs), Chantal Lanctôt (MSc, Trudeau lab), Kim Mitchell (MSc, Moon lab) and Jeremy Fulton (MSc, Walsh lab).

The 22nd annual Comparative Physiology & Biochemistry Workshop took place at Elmhirst's Resort, Keene, ON from Feb. 1st to 3rd, 2013.  From the jam sessions in the Trudeau/Jonz cabin, to the trivia competition at the banquet (won by uOttawa comp phys students Sara Abdallah, Ben Campbell, Dan Carrie, Krystle Talbot, Peter Zachar... congrats!), to a series of stimulating talks... an enjoyable time was had by all! 

December 2012
Vance Trudeau was in the Ottawa Citizen and on CBC for the success of his amphibian "love potion" in eastern hellbender salamanders!
In November, post-doctoral Fellow Dr. Chris LeMoine (Walsh lab) travelled to Guadeloupe to work on "climbing gobies". This work, funded by the CSZ and The Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris, explores the metabolic physiology of these fish capable of climbing their way upstream during their juvenile migration. He will present preliminary results of his work on December 5th at the comp phys seminar.
Also in November, Krystle Talbot (MSc student with Perry & Gilmour) travelled to northern Ontario as part of a joint uOttawa/Carleton University "Let's Talk Science" team.  The team visited a variety of remote schools in the Dryden and Kenora regions to present fun and informative science activities to school children.
Yusuke Kumai (PhD student in the Perry lab) received a JEB Travelling Fellowship from the Company of Biologists for a 3-month research trip to UBC.  Yusuke will present some of his findings at a comp phys seminar next term.
Vance Trudeau is the current president of the recently formed North American Society for Comparative Endocrinology.  The NASCE will be meeting in Mexico in May 2013.
September 2012
Walsh lab travels...

In both June and August, members of the Walsh lab (Drs. Chris Lemoine, Carol Bucking and Pat Walsh) and a member of the Moon lab (Dr. Paul Craig) traveled to Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre and field sites on the east coast of Vancouver Island to study the plainfin midshipman and dogfish shark. While at BMSC, the group collaborated with the labs of Chris Wood (McMaster U), Gary Anderson (U Manitoba) and Greg Goss (U Alberta). Lots of samples to analyze and papers to write. Notably, there was a special performance of ‘Bamfield Style’ in Cabin 1 once again proving that the Bamfield experience should be on one’s ‘bucket list’.

Over the month of August Jeremy Fulton (MSc student) had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Miami to study gulf toadfish at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. He worked in Dr. Danielle McDonald's lab (https://www.facebook.com/ToadfishLab?fref=ts) and even had the ‘full blown’ Miami experience as tropical storm Issac passed directly over Key West giving him a few days of intense weather; an experience he won't soon forget. Rumour has it that Jeremy also conducted behavioral observations of UM Graduate Students at the RSMAS Commons Bar.

Dr. Chris LeMoine (PDF) was awarded the Canadian Society of Zoologists Research Grant to undertake field work on "climbing gobies" in the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe this upcoming November. Bon voyage Chris and take lots of pictures!

June 2012
Pat Walsh, Steve Perry and Katie Gilmour were among the organizers of "Woodstock 2012", the Society for Experimental Biology's 2012 Animal Symposium honouring Dr. Chris Wood.  The meeting took place in beautiful Tuscany, Italy - check out the meeting website for a selection of photos.

Pat Walsh, Coeditor-in-Chief of the journal Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, sponsored a Publishing Connect Workshop on "How to write a great research paper, and get it accepted by a good journal".  The workshop was given by Anthony Newman of Elsevier, and had over 100 attendees!  Here is the material presented in the workshop - the presentation, an editorial on what to do and what not to do, and flowcharts on dealing with ethics issues.

May 2012
Congratulations to Yusuke Kumai, winner of the Hoar award at the recent Canadian Society of Zoologists' Annual Meeting!  The Hoar award is given for the best student paper presented orally at the annual meeting.  Yusuke is a PhD student in Steve Perry's lab.

Congratulations also to Dr. Steve Perry, 2012 recipient of the Canadian Society of Zoologists' Fry Medal.  This marks a "double" for the comparative physiology group, as Dr. Tom Moon was the 2004 recipient of the same award. 

November 2011
Lots of exciting events have been happening in the comparative physiology group over the last while... we have had PDFs move on to faculty positions, students have graduated, students and faculty have won awards, we organized the golden anniversary meeting of the Canadian Society of Zoologists, and many neat research results have been generated and published. To make our webpages as exciting as our research, we are now engaging in a major re-design of this site...

May 2011
The 50th anniversary meeting of the Canadian Society of Zoologists took place at uOttawa in May 2011, hosted by the comparative physiology group.

July 2010
Congratulations to Dr. Johanne Lewis (formerly of the Walsh lab), who has just started her new position at Georgia Southern University. Here are her new co-ordinates.

December 2009
Read about the work of Drs. Katie Gilmour and Steve Perry on CO2 excretion by zebrafish embryos and larvae in Inside JEB.

October 2009
Dr. Steve Perry is the 2010 recipient of the Award of Excellence from the Physiology Section of the American Fisheries Society. Congratulations! This marks a "double" for the comparative physiology group, as Dr. Pat Walsh was the 2006 recipient of the same award.

September 2009
Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Johanne Lewis of the Walsh lab has been selected to participate in the course "Integrative Biology and Adaptation of Antarctic Marine Organisms" at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, January 4-February 1, 2010. Johanne will be part of a select group of 25 trainees chosen from among hundreds of applicants worldwide. She hopes to benefit greatly from this logical extension of her studies of the effects of temperature on aquatic organisms. We wish Johanne a great adventure!
Details of the course can be found at http://antarctica.usc.edu/.

Read about Johanne's adventures on the bottom of the world on http://logylew.blogspot.com/.

July 2009
Dr. Katie Gilmour was appointed Co-editor in chief of Physiological and Biochemical Zoology together with Dr. Patricia Schulte of UBC. This appointment brings to three the editors of comparative physiology journals that call uOttawa home... Gilmour (Physiological and Biochemical Zoology), Perry (Journal of Experimental Biology) and Walsh (Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology).

March 2009
Recent work by Dr. Jean-Michel Weber and his student Simba Nagahuedi has demonstrated that feeding n-3 fatty acids to "couch potato" quails significantly increased the activities of key oxidative enzymes in flight muscle in a way that is normally achieved only through extreme endurance training. This work was featured in Science, Scientific American and the Journal of Experimental Biology's Inside JEB.

January 2009
Dr. Pat Walsh and colleagues published a paper in Science on the contribution of fish to the marine inorganic carbon cycle (see also the "Perspectives" piece that accompanied the article). The paper received a great deal of media attention - google "gut rocks" for a fine selection of articles!

November 2008
Dr. Steve Perry was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Congratulations!

May 2007
Zhaohong Qin, a MSc student co-supervised by Dr. Steve Perry and Dr. John Lewis, won the George Holeton Award at the Canadian Society of Zoologists' Annual Meeting at McGill University (May 21st to 25th, 2007) for her poster "CO2 peripheral chemosensitivity in zebrafish gills". The George Holeton Award is presented for the most outstanding poster within the Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry section. Congratulations Zhaohong!

May 2007
Read about the lungfish work carried out in the labs of Dr. Katie Gilmour and Dr. Steve Perry in the Journal of Experimental Biology's Inside JEB.

November 2006
Find out about Dr. Pat Walsh’s work on urea excretion in toadfish through Quirks and Quarks.

November 2006
Dr. Jean-Michel Weber’s work on long-distance migration in the semi-palmated sandpiper was featured on Quirks and Quarks.