Comp Phys Seminar Series

The Comp Phys seminars are informal talks given primarily by the graduate students of the comparative physiology group, with an occasional PI or visiting student/researcher thrown into the mix.  Relax in the comforts of the Royal Oak with a beverage and/or snack of your choice, and learn about the exciting research taking place in the labs around you...

All seminars take place at the Royal Oak on Laurier at 4:30 pm on Wednesday afternoons.  Seminars are held in the basement meeting room.  

Courtney Deck (cdeck023@uottawa.ca), a PhD student in the Walsh lab, is the Comp Phys seminar series convenor for 2014-2015.  Please get in touch with her if you would like to give a seminar.

Winter 2015

Date Presenter Title
Jan. 14 Dr. Marc Ekker Gene replacement in zebrafish: a dream come true?
Jan. 21 Dr. Carole Yauk (Health Canada) Protecting future generations: identifying and assessing heritable mutagenic hazards
Jan. 28 Dr. Michael Donaldson Off the hook: Context-specific responses of Pacific salmon to fisheries-related stressors
Feb. 4 Courtney Deck (PhD student, Walsh lab) Stress hormones in elasmobranchs
Feb. 11 Julia Redfern (MSc student, Gilmour lab) Effects of maternal stress in fish on offspring behaviour and responsiveness to stress
Feb. 25 Dr. Emily Standen ... on Polypterus raised on land and the fin-to-limb transition
March 4 Dr. Chris LeMoine ... on his adventures in Guadeloupe, working on climbing gobies.
March 11 Mike Lawrence (PhD student, Cooke lab at Carleton U) Hormonal manipulation of the schoolmaster snapper: implications of the stress axis in mediating predator-prey interactions in the wild
March 18 Hong Meng Yew (MSc student, Perry lab) In vivo measurements of intracellular pH in zebrafish H+-ATPase rich (HR) cells using ratiometric imaging
March 25 Marie-Ève Bélair-Bambrick (MSc student, Gilmour lab) Regulation of hypothalamic-pituitary-interrenal axis function by serotonin in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
April 1 Dr. Katie Lucas (PDF, Lewis lab) Control of neural synchrony: chirping in the pacemaker nucleus in weakly electric fish
April 8 Greg Jensen (MSc student, Perry lab) The role of serotonin in the hypoxic ventilatory response of larval zebrafish
April 15 Natalia Koudrina (MSc student, Gilmour & Perry labs)  The role of TASK channels in CO2 sensing in zebrafish

Fall 2014


Date Presenter Title
Sept. 17 Dr. Nick Bernier (University of Guelph) Impact of environmental stressors during early development on the responsiveness of the HPI axis in zebrafish
Sept. 24 Lewis lab undergraduates Neuroanatomy and functional significance of the pacemaker nucleus in a weakly electric fish
Oct. 1 Courtney Deck (PhD student, Walsh lab) Response of dogfish sharks to hypo- and hypersaline environments
Oct. 8
at 5 pm
Mike Lawrence (PhD student, Cooke lab, Carleton University) Fish on Acid: A Tale of Urine, Nitrogen Metabolism, and Acid-Base Regulation
Oct. 22 Seminar cancelled - campus-wide lockdown  
Oct. 29 Dr. Peter Zachar, NRC (Jonz lab alumnus)  
Nov. 5 Laurence Dionne-Wilson (MSc student, Gilmour lab) Serotonin as a regulator of the HPI axis in rainbow trout
Nov. 12 Dr. Caroline Mimeault (Moon lab alumna)  
Nov. 19 Graham Raby (PhD student, Cooke lab, Carleton University) Facing the river gauntlet: effects of capture-and-release on the physiology and fitness of Pacific salmon
Nov. 26 Brooke Cameron (MSc student, Trudeau lab) Fish on Prozac: Fluoxetine's Effects on Hepatic microRNA in Goldfish
Dec. 3 Natalie Sopinka (PhD student, Hinch lab, UBC) Maternal programming of offspring stress response in sockeye salmon
Dec. 10 Villie Tzaneva (PhD student, Perry lab) CO2 sensing
Dec. 17 No seminar - conflict with visit of candidate for the comparative physiology position