Comp Phys Seminar Series

The Comp Phys seminars are informal talks given primarily by the graduate students/PDFs of the comparative physiology group, with PIs or visiting students/researchers thrown into the mix.  The organizers provide coffee, tea and cookies - and you have the opportunity to learn about the exciting research taking place in the labs around you!!

All seminars take place in BSC 140 from 3 to 4 pm on Wednesday afternoons (come 5-10 min early to grab a coffee and a cookie!).      

The Comp Phys seminar series convenors for 2018-2019 are Carol Best, Michael Country, Milica Mandic and Alex Zimmer.  Please get in touch with one of them if you would like to give a seminar (or have a visitor who can be persuaded to give a seminar!)
Winter 2019

Date Presenter Title
Jan. 16 Milica Mandic (Perry) Bat on the run: aerobic capacity of the running muscle of the vampire bat
Jan. 23 Em Standen Locomotion at and across an interface in the mangrove Rivulus 
Jan. 30 No seminar  
Feb. 6 Kaylen Brzezinski (MacMillan - Carleton) TBA (something on gut function in cold locusts?)
Feb. 13 Jan Mennigen The role of nonapeptides in teleost reproductive physiology
Feb. 20 Study week break  
Feb. 27 Kevin Pan (Perry) TBA (neuroepithelial cells and the control of ventilation in developing zebrafish?)
March 6 Hannah Davis (MacMillan - Carleton) TBA (renal function in cold fruit flies?)
March 13 Keegan Lutek (Standen) Locomotor control of Polypterus senegalus in viscous water
March 20 Dan Kostyniuk (Mennigen) TBA  (regulation of metabolism by microRNA?)
March 27 Vance Trudeau TBA
April 3 Daniel Munro (Pamenter) Digging up the mitochondrial origins of hypoxia-tolerance in African mole rats