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Weber J-M (2011). Metabolic fuels: regulating fluxes to select mix. J Exp Biol 214: 286-294

Prindiville JS, Mennigen JA, Zamora JM, Moon TW & J-M Weber (2011). The fibrate drug gemfibrozil disrupts lipoprotein metabolism in rainbow trout. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 251: 201-208

Jacobs SR, Edwards DB, Ringrose J, Elliott KH, Weber J-M & AJ Gaston (2011). Changes in body composition during breeding: Reproductive strategies of three species of seabirds under poor environmental conditions. Comp Biochem Physiol Part B 158 (1): 77-82.

Omlin T & J-M Weber (2010). Hypoxia stimulates lactate disposal in rainbow trout J Exp Biol 213: 3802-3809.

Vaillancourt E, Haman F, & J-M Weber (2009).  Fuel selection in Wistar rats exposed to cold: Shivering thermogenesis diverts fatty acids from reesterification to oxidation. J Physiol (London) 587.17: 4349-4359

Jacobs SR, Elliott KH, Gaston AJ, & J-M Weber (2009).  Fatty acid signatures of female Brünnich’s guillemots Uria lomvia suggest reliance on local prey for replacement egg production. J Avian Biol 40: 327-336

Nagahuedi S, Popesku JT, Trudeau VL & J-M Weber (2009).  Mimicking the natural doping of migrant sandpipers in sedentary quails: effects of dietary n-3 fatty acids on muscle membranes and PPAR expression. J Exp Biol 212: 1106-1114
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Weber J-M (2009).  The physiology of long-distance migration: extending the limits of endurance metabolism.
J Exp Biol 212: 593-597.
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Magnoni L, Vaillancourt E & J-M Weber (2008).  High resting triacylglycerol turnover of rainbow trout exceeds the energy requirements of endurance swimming. Am J Physiol 295: R309-R315

Magnoni L, Vaillancourt E & J-M Weber (2008).  In vivo regulation of rainbow trout lipolysis by catecholamines.  J Exp Biol 211: 2460-2466.

Magnoni L & J-M Weber (2007).  Endurance swimming activates trout lipoprotein lipase: Plasma lipids as a fuel for muscle.
J Exp Biol 210: 4016-4023.

Vaillancourt E & J-M Weber (2007).  Lipid mobilization of long-distance migrant birds in vivo: the high lipolytic rate of ruff sandpipers is not stimulated during shivering. J Exp Biol 210: 1161-1169
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Maillet D & J-M Weber (2007). Relationship between n-3 PUFA content and energy metabolism in the flight muscles of a migrating shorebird: evidence for natural doping. J Exp Biol 210: 413-420.
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Maillet D & J-M Weber (2006). Performance-enhancing role of dietary fatty acids in a long-distance migrant: The semipalmated sandpiper. J Exp Biol 209: 2686-2695
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Magnoni LJ, Patterson DA, Farrell AP & J-M Weber (2006).  Effects of long-distance migration on the circulating lipids of sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka). Can J Fish Aquat Sci 63: 1822-1829.

Vaillancourt E, Prud’Homme S, Haman F, Guglielmo CG & J-M Weber (2005).  Energetics of a long-distance migrant shorebird (Philomachus pugnax) during cold exposure and running. J Exp Biol 208: 317-325

Haman F, Péronnet F, Kenny GP, Massicotte D, Lavoie C & J-M Weber (2005). Partitioning oxidative fuels during cold exposure: Muscle glycogen becomes dominant as shivering intensifies. J Physiol (London) 566.1: 247-256

Weber J-M & F Haman (2005). Fuel selection in shivering humans. Acta Physiol Scand 184: 319-329.
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Weber J-M & F Haman (2004). Oxidative fuel selection: adjusting mix and flux to stay alive. In Animals and Environments, ed. Morris S & A Vosloo, pp. 22-31. Elsevier, Amsterdam

Reidy SP & J-M Weber (2004). Metabolism of normothermic woodchucks during prolonged fasting. J Exp Biol 207: 4525-4533
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Haman F, Legault SR & J-M Weber (2004). Fuel selection during intense shivering in humans: EMG pattern reflects carbohydrate oxidation. J Physiol (London) 556.1: 305-313

Haman F, Péronnet F, Kenny G, Doucet E, Massicotte D, Lavoie C & J-M Weber (2004). Effects of carbohydrate availability on sustained shivering: I. Oxidation of plasma glucose, muscle glycogen and proteins. J Appl Physiol 96: 32-40

Haman F, Legault SR, Rakobowchuk M, Ducharme MB & J-M Weber (2004). Effects of carbohydrate availability on sustained shivering: II. Relating muscle recruitment to fuel selection. J Appl Physiol 96: 41-49.
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Weber J-M, Brichon G & G Zwingelstein (2003). Fatty acid metabolism in rainbow trout tissues: Differential incorporation of palmitate and oleate. Can J Fish Aquat Sci 60: 1281-1288.

Guglielmo CG, Williams TD, Zwingelstein G, Brichon G & J-M Weber (2002). Plasma and muscle phospholipids are involved in the metabolic response to long-distance migration in a shorebird. J Comp Physiol B 172: 409-417

Reidy SP & J-M Weber (2002). Accelerated substrate cycling: a new energy-wasting role for leptin in vivo.
Am J Physiol 282: E312-E317

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McClelland GB, Hochachka PW, Reidy S & J-M Weber (2001). High-altitude acclimation increases the triacylglycerol/fatty acid cycle at rest and during exercise. Am J Physiol 281: E537-E544.
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Weber J-M & T O’Connor (2000). Energy metabolism of the Virginia opossum during fasting and exercise.
J Exp Biol 203: 1365-1371

Reidy S & J-M Weber (2000). Leptin: An essential regulator of lipid metabolism. Comp Biochem Physiol A 125: 285-297

Weber J-M & DS Shanghavi (2000). Regulation of glucose production in rainbow trout: Role of epinephrine in vivo and in isolated hepatocytes. Am J Physiol 278: R956-R963.
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Bernard SF, Reidy SP, Zwingelstein G & J-M Weber (1999). Glycerol and fatty acid kinetics in rainbow trout: effects of endurance swimming. J Exp Biol 202: 279-288

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J Exp Biol 202: 2161-2166

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Haman F, Powell M & J-M Weber (1997). Reliability of continuous tracer infusion for measuring glucose turnover rate in rainbow trout. J Exp Biol 200: 2557-2563
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Taylor CR, Weibel ER, Weber J-M, Vock R, Hoppeler H, Roberts TJ & G Brichon (1996). Design of the oxygen and substrate pathways: I. Model and strategy to test symmorphosis in a network structure. J Exp Biol 199: 1643-1649

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Weibel ER, Taylor CR, Weber J-M, Vock R, Roberts TJ & H Hoppeler (1996). Design of the oxygen and substrate pathways: VII. Different structural limits for O2 and substrate supply to muscle mitochondria. J Exp Biol 199: 1699-1709

Haman F & J-M Weber (1996). Continuous tracer infusion to measure in vivo metabolite turnover rates in trout.
J Exp Biol 199: 1157-1162
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J Exp Biol 197: 1-16

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Wolfe RR, Klein S, Carraro F & J-M Weber (1990). Role of triglyceride-fatty acid cycle in controlling fat metabolism in humans during and after exercise. Am J Physiol 258: E382-E389
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