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Current people

Carol Best (PhD student; OGS, NSERC)
Regulation of the stress axis in trout
Alex Hare (MSc student; OGS, NSERC)
Does stress during early development affect stress responsiveness and anxiety-related beahviour in zebrafish?

Jon Tea (MSc student)
Chronic social stress and neurogenesis in zebrafish
Ibragim El-Sahkli (MSc student)
Regulation of carbonic anhydrase in the ionocytes of the trout gill
Back row from left: Alden Morgan (NSERC USRA), Jon Tea (with pizza; MSc)
Front row from left: Alex Hare (MSc), Ray LePabic (honours), Katie Jennings (work study), Carol Best (PhD), Brett Culbert (MSc student visiting from McMaster)
Missing: Ibragim El-Sahkli

Former graduate students and PDFs

Andrew Esbaugh PDF 2005-2007 (co-supervised by SF Perry)
Assistant Professor, University of Texas, Marine Science Institute 
The molecular biology and evolution of carbonic anhydrase in fish
Matt Gollock PDF 2005-2006
Research scientist with the Zoological Society of London
The impact of social status on stress responses in rainbow trout
PhD students    
Jen Jeffrey PhD 2014
PDF at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
The roles of social status, maternal stress, and parental investment in modulation of hypothalamic-pituitary-interrenal axis function in teleost fish
Tammy Rodela PhD 2011 (co-supervised by PJ Walsh)
The role of corticosteroids in nitrogen excretion of the Gulf toadfish (Opsanus beta)
Connie O'Connor PhD 2011 (co-supervised by SJ Cooke, Carleton University)
Freshwater conservation scientist, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada
The ecology of stress: A multidisciplinary perspective on stress in wild centrarchid fishes
Kath Sloman PhD 2000 (co-supervised by NB Metcalfe and AC Taylor, University of Glasgow)
Senior Lecturer, University of the West of Scotland
Environmental versus social stressors: Effects on physiological performance in fish
MSc students    
Natalia Koudrina MSc 2017 The role of TASK-2 channels in CO2 sensing in zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Marie-Ève Bélair-Bambrick MSc 2016
Employed by Environment Canada
Regulation of cortisol production by serotonin and negative feedback in the head kidney of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Julia Redfern MSc 2016
Contract with Health Canada
Effects of maternal stress and cortisol treatment on offspring anxiety behaviour and stress responses in zebrafish (Danio rerio) and largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides)
Laurence Dionne-Wilson MSc 2015
Employed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Serotonin as a regulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-interrenal axis in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Dan Carrie MSc 2014 (NSERC, OGS)
MD program, University of Manitoba
Transcriptional and post-translational regulation of cytosolic carbonic anhydrase in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Krystle Talbot MSc 2014 (co-supervised by SF Perry)
BEd at uOttawa
Zebrafish (Danio rerio) aquaporin 1a as a multi-functional transporter of water, CO2 and ammonia
Sacha LeBlanc MSc 2011 (co-supervised by S Currie, Mount Allison University)
Technician, Université de Moncton
An integrative approach to stress in the rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss): Linking behaviour, physiology and heat shock proteins
Mayron Moorhead MSc 2010 (co-supervised by J Lewis)
Research grant administrator at Queen's University
The metabolic cost of electric signalling in weakly electric fish
Vicky Mileva MSc 2009 (co-supervised by S Balshine, McMaster University)
PhD student (NSERC PGS) at the University of Stirling, Scotland
Social stress in a co-operative breeder (Neolamprologous pulcher)
Beidan Mussa MSc 2008
Lecturer, Prince Sultan Military Medical City, Saudi Arabia
The consequences of social status for acid-base regulation in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Christina Collier MSc 2007 (co-supervised by SF Perry)
Renal and branchial responses to metabolic acid-base disturbances in trout: the role of carbonic anhydrase
Kathy Kipp MSc 2007 (co-supervised by SF Perry)
MD, University of Ottawa
The role of cortisol and corticosteroid receptors in the physiological responses to a high salt diet in rainbow trout
Matt Bell MSc 2005
Employed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Mineralocorticoid receptors and ionic regulation in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Tina Georgalis MSc 2005 (co-supervised by SF Perry)
Forensics research technician with the RCMP
The roles of cytosolic and membrane-bound carbonic anhydrase in acid-base regulation in rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss
Laura Kenney MSc 2005 (co-supervised by SF Perry)
Research technician with Health Canada
Characterization of carbonic anhydrase isoforms, vacuolar H+-ATPase and Na+-HCO3- co-transporter in the African lungfish, Protopterus annectens
Joey DiBattista MSc 2005
Physiological causes and consequences of social status in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Justin Thomas MSc 2005
Employed by DND in environmental impact assessment
The impact of chronic behavioural stress on the acute stress responses of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Cheryl Szebedinszky MSc 2001
BEd, University of Ottawa
The causes and consequences of high plasma buffering in brown bullhead (Ameiurus nebulosus)
Patrick Desforges MSc 2001 (co-supervised by SF Perry)
Lecturer, La Cité Collégiale; died 2009
Gas transfer in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss): an investigation of factors controlling O2 uptake and CO2 excretion

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Undergraduate students

I have supervised 59 undergraduate honours project students; these students have gone on to graduate school, BEd degrees, medical school, or research assistant/technician positions in private companies or government. Most summers, my lab is home to one or more NSERC USRA holders and/or co-op students, and in the fall term, a UROP student is often in the lab.  Several uOttawa University Research Scholarship (URS) holders have been members of the lab group.

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Photos of lab groups from previous years and honours students with their posters*
Posters 2017

 Dan Kostyniuk with Mary Armstrong.  Dan (co-supervised by Jan Mennigen) was the recipient of the John Armstrong prize for the best Biology honours project poster, 2017.  Well done, Dan!
UROP posters 2017


Lab group 2016-2017

 Back row, from left: Ibragim El-Sakhli (MSc), Dan Kostyniuk (honours), Jillian Boothby (honours), Alden Morgan (UROP), Alex Hare (Msc), Jon Tea (MSc)
Front row, from left: Carol Best (PhD), Katelyn Tovey (PhD), Natalia Koudrina (MSc), Jeff Do (honours)

Summer 2016
Back row from left: Malcolm Sherwood (volunteer), Marie-Ève Bélair-Bambrick (MSc), Carol Best (PhD), Alden Morgan (NSERC USRA), Alex Hare (MSc), Dan Kostyniuk (co-op)
Front row from left: Ibragim El-Sahkli (MSc), Jon Tea (MSc - front and centre!), Natalia Koudrina, Alysha Champsi (volunteer), Julia Redfern (MSc)


Posters 2016


Lab group 2015-2016
 Back row from left: Chris Bergin (honours), Jon Tea (MSc), Rebecca Robinson (honours), Amanda Gour (honours), Marie-Ève Bélair-Bambrick (MSc), Brett Culbert (honours)

Middle row from left: Carol Best (PhD), Olivia Gallarino (honours), Julia Redfern (MSc), Natalia Koudrina (MSc)

And in front... Alex Hare (MSc)
Summer 2015

From left: Brett Culbert (co-op), Julia Redfern (MSc), Natalia Koudrina (MSc), Marie-Ève Bélair-Bambrick (MSc), Michael Brannen (USRA), Alex Hare (MSc)

Posters 2015

Summer 2014
From left: Jimmy Ha (NSERC USRA), Natalie Sopinka (PhD student visiting from UBC), Marie-Eve Belair-Bambrick (work study student), Michael Brannen (NSERC USRA), Laurence Dionne-Wilson, Jen Jeffrey
Missing: Julia Redfern

Posters 2014

UROP posters 2014 (thanks to Cynthia Bail for the photos!)

Summer 2013
Back row (from left): Laurence Dionne-Wilson (MSc student), Ali Castle (NSERC USRA), Jen Jeffrey (PhD student), Krystle Talbot (MSc student), Marie-Eve Belair-Bambrick (undergraduate CO-OP student)

Front row (from left): Paul McNeil (PhD student visiting from University of the West of Scotland), Dan Carrie (MSc student), Jimmy Ha (NSERC USRA), Michael Brannen (NSERC USRA)

Lab group 2012-2013
Counterclockwise from top left: Joshua D'Silva (MSc student), Jen Jeffrey (PhD student), Elyse Mosco (honours student), Krystle Talbot (MSc student), Arielle Weir (honours student) and Dan Carrie (MSc student).
(photo by Joshua D'Silva)
Summer 2012
Back row: Joshua D'Silva and Krystle Talbot (both MSc students)
Front row: Jen Jeffrey (PhD student), Dan Carrie (MSc student) and Laurence Dionne-Wilson (undergraduate COOP student)
Posters 2012

Lab group 2011-2012
From left - Joshua D'Silva (MSc student), Rebecca Mamane, Laurence Dionne-Wilson, Gurpreet Sahmbi and Elsa Fougere (all honours), Jen Jeffrey (PhD student), Dan Carrie (MSc student)

Posters 2011

Summer 2010
Back row - Dan Carrie (USRA), Katherine McDonald (URS)
Front row - Jenny Dupuis (USRA), Jen Jeffrey (PhD student), Tammy Rodela (PhD student)
(Mayron Moorhead, Sacha LeBlanc, Connie O'Connor missing)


Posters 2010

Lab group 2009-2010
From left: back - Jenny Dupuis (honours) and Jocelyn Black (honours); middle - Carmen Fletcher (honours), Jen Jeffrey and Madeleine Hayes (honours); front - Tammy Rodela and Mayron Moorhead. Connie O'Connor, Sacha LeBlanc, Cody Dey (honours), Alex Watters (honours) and Katherine McDonald (URS) were absent.


Posters 2009

Summer 2008
From left: Alex Watters (NSERC USRA), Beidan Mussa, Blaire Langlais (NSERC USRA), Vicky Mileva, Tammy Rodela, KMG, Nan Gai (NSERC USRA)
(photo by Marie Noland)

Posters 2008

Posters 2007

Lab group 2006-2007
From left: Alex Watters (URS), Sherry Kirkpatrick (honours), Kelli Thomas (honours), Tammy Rodela, Beidan Mussa, Kathy Kipp, Christina Collier, Andrew Esbaugh
*most poster photos courtesy of Antoine Morin.
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